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Benefits of having Custom Computer System Pakcages

We all need computers at this age and we want them cheap and of good quality. Something that fulfill all our requirements and should be reliable at th same time. So what to do in this situation? The answer is obvious; go for a big brand and install a branded computer OR go for a custom computer package. My recommendation is to go for a custom computer package and below are some reasons behind this thought.

Problems that may occur buying Branded computer systems:
If we order a computer from a name vendor such as IBM or Del, we normally don't have a lot of control over what goes into the computer, and often we won't even know whose components are placed.

In fact, what we get may not be the part we ordered. We get to choose the CPU (although we may not have any non–Intel choices), the type of memory (but not the vendor), possibly the hard drive and/or optical drive vendor (again, probably not the vendor). And good luck getting any OS other than Windows XP preinstalled. Dell currently offers a Windows-less system with FreeDOS; if we want Linux or something else, we have to add it ourselves.

The Solution:
Good White Box Vendor shops, by contrast, gives us many more component choices and lots more information—often, a list of CPUs and motherboards; a range of sound and video cards; name-brand drives and memory; plus options for fans and other cooling, power supply upgrades, case mods. It's also easier to get systems with multiple hard drives and multiple optical drives. And you're more likely to be able to get the latest blazing-fast Asus motherboard, Corsair memory, or high-capacity ATA/SATA hard drive (although national brands like AlienWare will probably have the hottest stuff too).

The Conclusion:
It is always safe to go for a Custom Computer System Package in order to achieve optimum performance and higher satisfaction rate.

My Recommendation:
I recommend to buy Custom Computer System Packages as they may provide operating system choices of both linux and windows versions( windows xp, windows vista, windows 7)


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